Visualize The Tennis Ball As A Clock For More Spin And Control In Tennis


Coaches and Tennis Fans;

Some old school visualization tools work great for all levels of play.

As a kid I honed my strokes by using the ball as a clock. It worked like a charm for every stroke and it really helped me understand how to get all sorts of spin on the ball.

As a coach it helps me relay the message of stroke production and spin control. The results are incredible.

In this clip I emphasize to Tiffany the 5 to 11 concept on her traditional low-to-high forehand and she is able to produce a consistent hard topspin forehand!

If a more modern forehand with an extreme grip requires more topspin, the numbers will change for visualization. Maybe 6 to 10….

Remember – you don’t have to be a pro to train like a pro!

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