Use This 6 Step Process For A Better Second Serve In Tennis


Tennis Fans and Coaches:

It’s not too often you get higher level players willing to train with lower level players, but if the players have the right mentality it can be so helpful all the way around.

In this case I am working with a former D1 tennis player who hasn’t played in close to 20 years. She plays with anyone and everyone in order to get her game back to speed. Even rusty her game is heads and shoulders above the better rec players. Clearly, because of her clean strokes and proper footwork, the rec players can see and feel first hand why it’s so important to have proper strokes.

In this clip my D1 displays a power 2nd serve: somewhat of a hybrid between a flat first serve and a kick 2nd serve, with enough spin to gain control and flat enough to have some power. I generally call this serve a 75% first serve.

If you’re a coach you know how difficult it is to get your Rec players to work on grips and serves. If you’re a player that really wants to improve consider working on the tedious things that can take you to the next level!

TeamForman’s 6 step process to a Power 2nd Serve

1) Backhand grip , necessity no work around
2) Elbow up racquet back in axe throwing position
3) Shoot up tomahawk style at an angle
4) Point of contact with pronation at an angle
5) Snap the wrist away as though your peeling an orange
6) Follow through opposite side of the body

*A little tidbit about mixing levels… Everyone wants to play with stronger players but you need to learn to compete against all levels. If not that lower level player will sneak up and bite you in the rear end with a win!!!

Remember – you don’t have to be a pro to train like a pro!

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