Use These Easy Tennis Tactics To Eliminate The Lob Fest From Your Match


Tennis Enthusiasts, if you want to eliminate the lob fest simply follow your lob in (but not to net!) Are you the person who says “I need to stay back because they are going to lob”? I hear this every day, all day, even from my players who have known better. It’s instinctive to stay back for most players and counterintuitive to come forward. BUT, if you want to take the lob away from your opponent and bring the aggressiveness back to your side of the court practice this tactic.

TeamForman Tennis Tactic : Take the lob away from the opponent

1) Follow your lob towards net. The higher and deeper you hit, hover into no man’s land in anticipation of the lob. Taking the ball in the air brings the aggressiveness back to your side, and may force an error from your opponent.

2) If you hit a high deep lob and close the net, your opponent has an easier time hitting over your head. If you anticipate the lob by simply creeping into the net and your opponent hits a weak ball, it’s easier just to move forward.

Remember – you don’t have to be a pro to train like a pro!

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