Two Aggressive Shots All Tennis Players Need To Know


Coaches and Tennis Enthusiasts:

This clip depicts how you can make a change in your tactics in just one point.

In the first segment, my player Andrea let the ball bounce and had no recourse for the lob. In the very next point she picked the lob off in the air and takes control of the point. (Of course, with a little help from the coach).

In segment 2, my player Sheila tries to power a volley through the baseline instead of nailing the ball at the net persons feet. In the very next point her partner takes the mid court high volley and wins the point by going at the net person. These girls are great students! One shot! One Win!

Tactic, segment 1: Avoid lob to lob by picking the lobs off in the air. Don’t let them bounce!

Tactic, segment 2: When you are ready to put the ball away go right at the net person. Don’t power through the baseline.

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