Tips For Developing A Better Service Toss For A Better, More Consistent Serve In Tennis


Coaches and Tennis Enthusiasts,

We teach and preach over and over again the importance of the toss. In most cases the toss may be the most important aspect of the serve.

As boring and mundane as it is to practice the toss, it is vital to find ways to create muscle memory and perfect it!

Using your less dominate arm many things can go wrong with your serve.
to low, to high, to far left , to far in front, to far back……to name a few.
In this clip I created two exercises that will help align your toss and control your toss.

Tip #1: Place the racquet in front of foot just inside the baseline. line it up with the appropriate net post. Use the net post to practice your toss and have the ball land on the strings of the racquet. Make adjustments according to where the ball lands.

Tip #2: Line up on the fence or a wall. Use the structure as a training wheel. When you practice your toss keep your arm straight and don’t move it at all through the toss. If you catch your toss it’s a good toss. If you don’t, keep practicing until you consistently catch the toss.

Remember – you don’t have to be a pro to train like a pro!

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