Tips For Better Volleys And Overheads


Coaches and Tennis Enthusiasts:

So many women have trouble with easy volleys at net and overheads, and those are 2 shots that should be the end of a winning point or put aways. Why do they miss so many of these shots?

The obvious reason is poor stroke foundation. BUT as we know many players don’t take the time to fix their strokes and play in many league matches. I’m in the business of finding simple solutions for competitive rec players who don’t take the time to work on their strokes. Here are 2 solutions:

ABC’S of The Volley: Eliminate as much backswing as possible to keep the ball in front of you. A to B! This way you can watch the ball and eliminate mis-hits.

Trophy Position on Overheads: Don’t face the net (“full frontal”) when hitting overheads. Visualize yourself on top of the trophy and you’ll turn sideways for a better swing.

“There’s always a solution to every problem”

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