The Staggered Formation In Doubles


Hey everyone! It is vital to introduce recreational players to as many different doubles formats as possible. Being staggered on the court with your partner is just a simple tactic that may help you in several different situations.

Many players do this instinctively without even knowing why, so it’s important they learn, and for coaches to point out when it’s appropriate to use–or not.

Staggered Format:

1) If you have a partner who is aggressive or likes to hug the net, you can stagger a bit behind her to offset the lob.
2) If you and your partner are on the baseline together, one should slightly be staggered to offset the drop shot, short ball, or angle.

As you advance and become more aggressive you will also become a bit vulnerable to the lob. You and your partner will instinctively play staggered!

And remember… you don’t have to be a pro to train like a pro!

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