The Problems With Overcovering The Court In Doubles Tennis


Tennis Coaches and Enthusiasts:

Are you one of those players who instinctively go’s after every ball on the court in doubles? You feel like you have to cover every shot? If so, you are doing your side of the court a disservice.

If you overcover the court, there will be huge openings for your opponents to hit to. Better opponents can sniff out those openings attack them leaving you helpless. Singles players who are playing doubles have a tendency to do this because their mentality is to go after every shot.

Doubles Dilema: Players who try and cover every shot on the court (overcovering), and leaving huge openings on the court.

Solution: Move with the bounce of the ball on your side and the bounce of the ball on your opponent’s side. (Always in motion but with a purpose) Trust your partner!

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