The Power Of Court Position In Doubles Tennis


Coaches and Tennis Fans,

When teaching doubles strategy, #1 in my book is court positioning.

If you move correctly with the ball and your partner, you will force your opponents to hit the lowest % shots (which causes errors) and it will ultimately open up the court for you to hit the highest % shots.

In this clip :

1) You can clearly see side A is moving with the ball and covering 3/4 of the court leaving the hardest angle open. Side B didn’t move with the ball forcing a low % shot crosscourt.

2) Clear as day side A is out of position because the net player didn’t move with the ball leaving both sides of the court open.

TeamForman Tennis 4 Step system to winning doubles

#1 is Court position: Move with the bounce of the ball

Remember – you don’t have to be a pro to train like a pro!

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