The Mental Approach To Winning Your Tennis Match


Coaches and Tennis Fans,

What is your mental approach to winning? Are you the player who is up 4-1 40-love and goes for the super fun low percentage shots? Or are you the player who stays the course and systematically sticks to the game plan no matter what the score is?

As we all know the mental aspect of the game is equal if not more important to the physical. One of the biggest mental challenges to competitive play is not to give up the lead a.k.a LETTING UP. This applies to all levels!

I have a theory that you play like your personality. If you’re a confident person who has that not to worry mentality, the person who believes he or she can always turn it on, then you’ll go for the “whack attack” shot at 30-love. If you are a stick to the grindstone, non-risk taker, then your 30-love shot is more conservative.

In this clip my confident server says “It’s 30-love” her choice was the whack attack shot lol. The server side went on to lose the game. Granted this is clinic and not a real match but it shows personality thought patterns.

I’ve experienced and seen countless matches where one shot can turn the match around. A point here, a game there, next thing you know the 5-1 lead is now 5-5. Your opponents have regained confidence and now it’s anyone’s match.

Remember – you don’t have to be a pro to train like a pro!

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