The Gray Area Is A Great Area


Hi everyone! In recreational doubles play hitting down the line is generally known to be low percentage. If you establish boundaries for yourself you can take a low percentage shot and turn it into more of a “go-to” shot. In addition, if you have decent control of your groundstrokes you can either hit to the “gray area” and force an error, or just flat out hit a winner without the worry of missing down the line.

The “gray area” is that little area next to the net person (on the other side of the alley). This area should be covered by the person protecting the alley, BUT that person can’t react quick enough to recover or she may think her partner should have it. Hence, the “gray area”.

Tactic 1: If your opponent attempts to poach but doesn’t, put the ball away by going right at them. They can’t recover.

Tactic 2: If you hit down the line and the net person volleys it back, take the next shot and hit to the Gray Area. This will cause either confusion, produce an error or you’ll hit a winner.

And remember… you don’t have to be a pro to train like a pro!

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