The Art Of The Poach In Doubles Tennis


Coaches and tennis enthusiasts:

Poaching is an excellent way to take control of a point and finish the point. It’s the ultimate risk and reward tactic in doubles competition.

There are all sorts of ways to poach in a point. Pre-planned plays, off the return, in the middle of the point off your partners offensive shots…..ect
In this clip I show my students poaching in the most common known tactic for recreational players POACHING OFF THE SERVE. You’ll see my first player who happens to be very aggressive move to soon which puts her body in the wrong direction. This slight movement which I emphasis at the end of the clip opens the court for her opponent.

The second player demonstrates a slight hesitation in almost the same type of serve ( to the forehand) then poach’s successfully. See the end of the clip emphasizing this movement.


TeamForman’s Tactic : Poaching off the Serve

1) Remain on the balls of your feet
2) Move with the bounce of the ball
3) Split step right before opponents hit
4) Burst to the poach if appropriate

Remember – you don’t have to be a pro to train like a pro!

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