Tennis Specific Training For Balance, Strength, Footwork, And Core


Keeping your feet moving and your heart pumping is vital while you’re off the court.

Tennis Enthusiasts, since we are not getting our normal court time it’s even more important to keep your feet moving in exercises that mimic footwork and conditioning in a match. As much as walking, jogging, and biking are healthy and great cardio, they just don’t hit the mark for tennis specific conditioning.

In this 24 minute circuit you will hit all key components to be a fit tennis player. A mixture of balance, strength, footwork, and core.

P.S. When we return to the courts you will be pleasantly surprised.

TeamForman Tennis Specific Training
24 minutes:3 Rounds/ 1 Minute Each Station/ 4 Stations

Station 1: Skater Jumps
Station 2: Air Squats
Station 3: Shuffle Runs
Station 4 : Double Groiners

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