Tennis Rules: When You Should Take 1 Or 2 Serves

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Here’s the scenario: You miss your first serve and ball rolls unto your court before your 2nd serve, do you get 2 serves or 1 serve?

Well, the rule states that if you haven’t started the motion of your 2nd serve you get 1 serve. And if you have started your 2nd serve motion, the ball is now in play and it’s a let so you take 2 serves.

Coaches and USTA League players, I personally polled 30 experienced USTA players and less than 5 knew the ruling. During clinics I randomly bring up real match situations to empower my players with the correct information. This avoids conflicts, delays and ultimately unnecessary losses.

*BTW: If you were the cause of the delay, for instance if you returned an out serve and the ball rolls into the court causing a disruption…. give your opponent’s 2 serves. Or if there is a long delay just give them 2! This is good sportsmanship*

*To avoid unnecessary delays before the first and second serve try not to return out serves.*

And remember… you don’t have to be a pro to train like a pro!

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