Tennis Players – Serve Harder In One Minute


Do you want more power on your serve?

Coaches and tennis enthusiasts, the serve has a lot of moving parts and it’s safe to say recreational players yearn for more power and pizazz on their serve. Generally speaking, recreational players don’t like to work on their serve; it takes time, grip changes and lots of practice to master a powerful serve.

As much as I want my students to learn a continental grip for wrist snap and use their legs for a great launch like a rocket, in many cases it’s not gonna happen!

There are ways to take what you have and make simple adjustments in order to gain more power on your serve. In this clip it’s body position.

TeamForman’s set up to serve harder

Stand sideways to the box lining up with the appropriate net post. Use the net post as an aiming point for your toss.


1) Maximum shoulder rotation
2) More racquet speed

*A good coach will pivot from the norm to help their students achieve goals

Remember – you don’t have to be a pro to train like a pro!

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