Tennis Drills For Age 8 And Under Beginners: Train The Body, Train The Brain


Tennis Coaches and Enthusiasts:

When teaching young beginners in a private setting it is vital to train their minds simultaneously to their physical strokes and footwork. As we all know kids love all the fun games that come in a clinic setting, but much of that can make the kids strokes sloppy and unproductive. (Although I do believe they have to have fun).

One on one can be somewhat tedious for them so doing drills that engage their brains can not only teach solid fundamentals but also lay the groundwork for mental strength.

TeamForman Tactic For Ages 8 And Under Beginners: Train the Body/Train the Brain

The Number Game:

*Place 5 cones strategically on the court and number them.
*The cones work on wide balls, short balls and recovery
* The Coach calls out the number forcing the student to think and react
* Make a game counting points for all the correct hits or consecutive balls.

Remember – you don’t have to be a pro to train like a pro!

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