Tennis Drill For Faster Feet And Faster Hands


Tennis Enthusiasts and Coaches:

If a player is transitioning from one level to another it is vital to make the appropriate changes to their strokes in order for them to succeed at that level. (This applies to all levels and players Adults and Juniors).

In this case “Sabri” an 11 year old junior who has good foundation and decent stokes, has the desire to take her game to a higher competitive level. She is transitioning from the 2x a week player to the 4-6x a week player and wants to break into the ranks of USTA Tennis. Adjustments have to be made!

The Start of the Transition:

Day 1: Create swing speed and foot speed. Sabri’s big loop and big steps make her slower then she actually is!

The Fix: Make the circle smaller and faster by her racquet and opposite hand not exceeding her shoulder. She can then whip through the ball faster with her extreme grip – the wrist will be key when she gets stronger.

Doing fast foot drills simultaneously will help her feel the notion of “Fast Feet Fast Hands”

Stay tuned for the transition!

Remember – you don’t have to be a pro to train like a pro!

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