Team Forman Takes 2nd State Title In 2 Years

Team Forman Takes 2nd State Title In 2 Years

I can’t say enough about this team; it has a special place in my heart. These 7 amazing ladies came together six weeks ago and formed the team, “Las Impostoras”, a team of imposters. Without any experience, strategy or partnerships, they trained like they were preparing for Wimbledon! They were on the court 7 days a week, taking clinics and lessons, and playing in round robins and practice matches, all in preparation for their first tournament. It was so exciting for me, as their coach, to see their passion, hard work, and dedication to each other and the game.

Then, I took great pride in watching this team, with limited play on clay (one player never played on clay until her first match),  systematically take down one opponent after another, and win the Florida State Sectional 2.5 40+ Invitational.

For those who dismiss the lower level recreational player as non competitive, let this be a lesson for you… you don’t have to be a pro to train AND win like a pro! Vamos TeamForman!

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