Take Control Of The Court


Tennis Coaches and Enthusiasts: Learning to take control of the court at all levels will be a game changer for all recreational players. The idea of keeping the control on your side of the court will help all players “SEE” the court and opportunities to win the point.

One simple way to gain control is to hit the ball away from the net person and without hesitation charge the net. This will give you a better chance to hit down to your opponents. Don’t worry about how you hit it, just be concerned about where to hit it.

Strategy: Take Control when you have the opportunity

Tactic: Return serves away from the net person and approach the net. This starts the point off with the control and energy on your side The return can be ANY shot away from the net person, crosscourt, lob, or middle ball.

And remember… you don’t have to be a pro to train like a pro!

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