Some Simple Things Tennis Players Can Do To Improve Their Serve At Home


Coaches and Tennis Enthusiasts:

So many players neglect working on their serves, it’s tedious, hard, not fun, and very technical. Well there is no better time than the present! This video is a very comprehensive, progressive lesson on the serve. It’s a way to really develop the correct grip, swing and toss.

Since tournament and league play is suspended take this unique opportunity to develop the correct grip and improve the fluidity of your swing with simply practicing these tools and you’ll be amazed at the improvement when you get back on the court, Stay Safe!

6 Steps to Improving your serve (With no court, no pro, no balls, no friends)

1. Make sure you have a continental grip
2. Pronate your wrist at point of contact
3. Learn to throw a football
4. Throw your racket
5. Do a figure 8
6. Use a fence to help develop the toss

Remember – you don’t have to be a pro to train like a pro!

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