Some Dos And Don’ts When Lobbing In Doubles Tennis


Coaches and Tennis Fans,

If you are ready to take control of your matches eliminating the LOB to LOB is a must.

As a coach to many competitive recreational women, one of the biggest complaints I hear after matches is “All they did was lob” or ” I had to stay back because they lobbed”.

If you hate playing lobbers, (and most do) you can simply take control of the court by not letting the ball bounce.

TeamForman Tennis Tactics to Winning Matches

Suck The Lob Out Of The Point

1) Don’t let the lob bounce, take the lob in the air
2) Even if the LOB is deep start taking control by hitting the lob in the air, even if it’s from no man’s land
3) When you hit a lob move forward! Not to close!
4) If you are at net and hit deep, retreat to fend off the lob in the air. Don’t go all the way back to the baseline.

* If you stay back and lob, winning that match is now 50/50!

Remember – you don’t have to be a pro to train like a pro!

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