Small Changes Make Big Differences On The Court For Tennis Players


Coaches and Tennis Enthusiasts;

Teaching a wide range of players from beginners to high performance levels has taught me how to have one level help another. One of the reasons why I started doing instructional videos for recreational players is to help them relate to all the content they see online and TV.

So many coaches post great videos of pros and high performance kids show casing great strokes, fast footwork drills and flashy points. As much as the content is fun and great to watch, it’s hard for the everyday player to relate or transfer to their game.

In this video, in order to help my “on the rise” rec player with her open stance forehand, I breakdown her forehand in comparison to my 11-year-old 28th ranked player in the State of Florida. There are some similarities but the differences can make all the difference for my rec player.

The video clearly shows where the rec player can make minor changes to her stroke and easily develop a top notch forehand.

Rec Player Open Stance Vs High Performance Junior Open Stance

1) Pivots and Prep vs Turns Steps and Preps
2) Drops racquet head ,open stance vs Lower racquet head /semi open stance
3) Point of Contact in front vs the same
4) Follow through across and down vs across and up
5) Recover open vs closed

The moral of the story is one level can help another if you break the stroke or strategy down so its relatable to the level of play!

Remember – you don’t have to be a pro to train like a pro!

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