Singles Or Nothing #2: Here’s A Great Full Body Workout You Can Do At Home


With singles only on your tennis agenda for now and the immediate future, developing off court full body workouts is a must.

Singles requires cardio conditioning, fast footwork, strength and a strong back and core. In times of no gyms, machines, or weights keeping singles fit requires workouts to include full body strength exercises with a mix of back, core, footwork, mid-range runs and short runs.

*All these exercises are done with bodyweight only and are phenomenal for injury prevention*

TeamForman Tennis Full Body Workout and Conditioning for Singles
8 Minutes : Back Strengthening

1) 45 seconds Glute Bridge
2) 20 Bird Dogs
3) 20 Swimmers
4) 10 Pull Backs

400 Run Buy In:
3 rounds 1 minute each round

1) Figure 8’s
2) Shuttle Run
3) Butterfly Sit Ups
4) Shoulder Taps
5) Burpees
6) Walking Lunges

Remember – you don’t have to be a pro to train like a pro!

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