Simple Tactics In Singles Tennis To Help You Win More Points


Coaches and Tennis Enthusiasts,

Learning singles can be so much fun because you have the whole court to play with! It’s simply just 1V1 (one vs one) and if you look at the match like a chess game you will prevail.

When teaching my Rec students how to play singles I like to implement
1-2 new tactics per clinic after we lay the foundation. These tactics teach you how to stay a step ahead of your opponent, making moves (shots) in anticipation of the return A.K.A a chess move.

In this class my students worked on first the foundation (simply keeping the ball the ball in play) then 2 new tactics.

Team Forman Tennis 1V1:

Tactic 1: Attacking The Serve To Take Control

In ladies Rec play the receiving side has the opportunity to take control first because generally speaking women do not have over powering serves.

Tact 2: Attack The Short Ball

If you are drawn in by a short ball, make sure to attack this shot and put your opponent on the defense. This transition shot should either be a winner, force an error or create an easy put away.

Remember – you don’t have to be a pro to train like a pro!

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