Shelter In Place #9: Continuous Grind


Coaches and Tennis Enthusiasts:

It’s apparent the new norm for us is trying to find ways to virtually keep our students tennis fit and mentally tough.

Let’s put this madness in perspective. If we were living our normal lives, our days (or least mine are a continuous grind.) Coaching, teaching, staying fit, building the business……and so on. Keeping the grind going in some ways will make you feel more like the norm and possibly make you stronger when the shackles are released.

Stay safe, stay strong, stay fit!

Workout #9: The 18 Minute Continuous Grind (8:10:12:14/lap)
5 Stations /18 minutes nonstop clock

1- 8 Figure 8’s
2 -10 Shuffle runs
3 -12 Jump Lunges
4 -14 Spider-Man March
5 – Reset lap

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