Shelter In Place #8: The “Human Ball Machine” Tennis Drill


Coaches and Tennis Enthusiasts:

Of all our stay-at-home, DIY tennis drills and fitness tips, I have found this the most fun.

I was grappling with how to get my students to REALLY get the feeling of hitting some groundies without a court, net or much space. One of my students, wife of L.A. Dodgers first base coach, George Lombard, sent me her clip of pounding forehands and backhands at her boys who play baseball. This was ingenious! The kids worked on their baseball skills and Judy got that feeling of smacking the ball! George gave the thumbs up!

No kids? Get the neighbors! It’s fun, it’s safe and is definitely better than the rebounders on rubber bands that come back to smack you in the face! lol. Have Fun! Stay safe!

Human Ball Machine – “Tennis/Baseball” Workout #1

3 rounds simulate baseline to baseline (around 100ft)
driveway, sidewalk, street

1- 25 Cross Court Forehand
2- 25 Cross Court Backhands
3- 25 Down the Line Forehands
4- 25 Down the Line Backhands
5- 25 Alternating Forehands/Backhands

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