Shelter In Place #7: Footwork Galore


Coaches and Tennis Enthusiasts:

If there is a silver lining in all this madness I believe we are getting into shape just for the mere fact that there is nothing else to do! It’s so interesting to see all the stay-at-home exercises and workouts posted by coaches and players.

I’m convinced that limited resources not only make for creative workouts but in some strange way even better workouts. We are working harder! Hopefully when the quarantine subsides we will not go back to taking all our wonderful resources for granted….

The faster the feet off the court the faster the feet on the court! If you don’t hit a ball for weeks or months but you’re footwork has improved, you will come back an improved player.

Stay at Home Workout #7: Footwork Galore

4 stations, 20 second 10 sec off , 3 rounds per station
1 minute break, repeat

1: Inside Outs
2: Side Hurdles
3: Split Steps
4: Russian Twists

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