Shelter In Place #5: I Hate Running


Coaches and Tennis Enthusiasts:

This work out is dedicated to all the people stuck at home who feel a little intimidated with all the work outs flooding their social media and inbox. (sorry I’m guilty)

Let’s face it not everyone can do burpee box jumps and high jump hurdles for time…. Stay-at-home workouts should not discriminate against age or level of conditioning. With our stay-at-home guidelines, so many people have been walking and or riding their bikes as a means for activity. Let’s take these two activities and amp it up a bit to help not only your tennis game but get you in great overall condition.

Lesson 5A: Walk/Run/Walk

Start with a base of 2 miles using the increment of a minute run 40 seconds
walk 20 seconds. You can adjust up or down according to your level.

Increasing length of runs and how you split your minute is at your discretion.

Lesson #5B: Biking

Start with a base of 5 miles. Take a portion of that distance and increase your cadence (pedal speed) using increments of a minute or more. Biking may feel a little more forgiving so you may want to try 2 minute increments with 1 minute fast 1 minute recovery.

This work out is all an encompassing realistic way to get moving and feel empowered! Stay safe, stay active!

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