Shelter In Place #4: Endurance and Core Strengthening


Hey Tennis Enthusiasts!

Lesson #4 is all about endurance. First we start with a series of core endurance exercises and then straight into an anaerobic interval running workout for 20 minutes. It’s important for tennis players to have a good aerobic base and strong core. Doing high-intensity intervals to raise the anaerobic threshold will help during match performance. Doing plank style core work will help your serve and is important for injury prevention.

I urge all levels to implement workouts like this into their regimen. The fitter and stronger off the court, the faster and better on the court!

Lesson #4 Stay at Home Endurance Workout

Core: 3 rounds /4 Stations:

1) One arm Planks 30 second each arm
2) One Leg Glute Bridge 30 second each leg
3) 8 Romanian Dead Lifts per leg
4) 1 minute Wall sit

Endurance running workout for a continuous 20 minutes

1) 800M Run
2) 4 minutes 100m sprint/ 10 walking Lunges /recovery run
3) 400M Run
4) 4 minutes 100m sprint/ 10 walking Lunges /recovery run
5) 800M Run

If you have any questions feel free to message me. Stay safe!

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