Shelter In Place #3: Footwork and Conditioning


Tennis Coaches and Enthusiasts:

In an effort to keep all my students moving and improving I’ve put together a series of stay home lessons. Lesson #1: The Volley; Lesson #2: The Serve: and now Lesson #3: Footwork and Conditioning.

This lesson is a 20 minute workout that hits all the footwork pressure points that a tennis match produces. Follow this routine to the tee and you will have faster feet, better conditioning , and more control. I’m not going to sugar coat it – this is challenging. Let’s do it together!

For ALL levels – kids to adults
20 Continuous Minutes
5 Stations: 1 Minute each station; 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off

Station #1 Split Step Burst
Station #2 Figure 8’s
Station #3 Balance and Control (both ways)
Station #4 High Knees (both ways)
Station #5 Recovery Step Shuffle (both sides)

*If you don’t have hurdles, improvise

If you have any questions message me. Stay safe!

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