Shelter In Place #1: The Volley


As promised to my students and followers here is the first of several “shelter in place tennis drills” for the everyday player.

Many pros are throwing a lot of content out to social media, mainly their high performance kids, advanced players ect… My concern is the everyday player like my moms and dads who are busy taking care of their kids who won’t allow themselves the opportunity to work on some stay at home skill building drills. Although these drills can be used for all levels, I want to be sure they are relatable to ALL Recreational players.

Here is the first of several series on stay at home, no court, no pro drills.
This is progressive and should be done in the same sequence as the video. Do this 2x a day and your volleys and footwork will significantly improve.

Series #1 Volleys

Warm up:

1-Jump Rope
2-Foot to Foot to Step ups
3-Side Shuffles with a twist

Volley Prep on the Slab:

1-Play Catch on Slab
2-Play Catch Low on Slab

Now the Volley:

3-Alternate Forehand /Backhands

Hope this helps you keep tennis in your life during all this madness!!

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