Quick Tips To Help Improve Your Return Of Serve In Tennis


Coaches and Tennis Fans,

The return of serve is so vital in your pathway to winning tennis. If you watch the pros or higher level players they all have their pre-routine while waiting for the serve. I think we can all agree that being flat footed in any way should not be in this routine.

This is a HUGE missed opportunity for many Rec. players. If you are one of these players, try to find the right method to keep your weight up, feet in motion, balance on the balls of your feet.

This will help your routine those slow paced 2nd serves that everyone hates……

TeamForman Tennis: Return of Serve: Ball in Play / Feet in Play

1) Weight up over your knees (In ready position)
2) Shift weight side to side until server makes contact
3) Quick split step at contact of serve

1) This allows adjustment of position on return
2) This puts you in control for an aggressive play

Remember – you don’t have to be a pro to train like a pro!

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