Proper Footwork And Conditioning For Tennis Players


Coaches and Tennis Fans;

We can all agree that footwork and conditioning is a vital part of a tennis players pathway to reach his or her potential.

As a proponent to teaching recreational players just as diligently as an advance player, I always incorporate footwork and conditioning in my lessons. It’s not only good for them for the obvious reason, it teaches the student early on that they have to train to play tennis. In addition it gives them a little glimpse of what it may take to become a higher level player.

I call this post lesson workout NFL Station Training.

40 seconds on 10 seconds off 2 rounds each

1) Ladder w/Split Step
2) Agility and bursts
3) Fast Feet Ups and Backs

All players, all levels and abilities!

Remember – you don’t have to be a pro to train like a pro!

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