Proper Court Positioning For Your Offensive Lobs


Hey everyone!

Last week I covered court positioning for defending an opponent’s lob, so, this week I want to talk about court positioning for handling your own offensive lobs.

When you hit a deep offensive lob from the baseline, I want you to move in, but DON’T RUSH THE NET. More than likely, that ball is coming back as a lob, and if you’re up at net, you will struggle to run back and return it (if you can), which suddenly puts you on the defense.

The best place for you to be after hitting a deep offensive lob is right around the service line, or maybe a step or two behind it. This will allow you to:

1) take a few steps forward on a short return and take it in the air, or
2) take a few steps back on a lob return, and still take it in the air

Even if you don’t hit a winner, you will still be in the point, playing offensively, which gives you the winning advantage!

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