Practice For That Perfect Kick Serve In Tennis


Coaches and Tennis Fans;

Old school tactics for the modern age player.

Visualization tools are one of the best tactics for teaching tennis. So many players connect with visualizing more so than the coaches words.

Seeing the ball as a clock is great tool for ALL your strokes. Classic, traditional and todays modern age shots.

In this clip I’m working on my student’s kick 2nd serve. He needs to generate more racquet head speed and feel the trajectory of the low to high brush motion by swinging straight up and around.

Having him visualize the ball as a clock has helped tremendously. The 7 to 1 motion is a perfect start to feeling this reverse topspin swing.

The progression to learning the Kick Serve:

1) Visualize the ball as a clock: 7 to 1
2) Continental to backhand grip
3) Eliminate the legs to emphasize only the swing
4) Bring the legs back in, complete the serve

Remember – you don’t have to be a pro to train like a pro!

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