My Two-Part Process For A Fluid, More Powerful Serve


Hey everyone!

I believe the that serve is the most neglected stroke in rec play. Women who generally have trouble with their serve because they can’t gain a fluid motion, like that of throwing a baseball. They tend to struggle with the complete service motion. If this motion doesn’t come naturally, I suggest breaking the serve down into into 2 parts. First, make sure you are facing the net post — it will help you to stay sideways when you serve. Then:

  1. Take your racquet back and toss the ball
  2. Hit the ball and follow through

Doing this will help get your elbow up so you can gain control of the toss, and eliminate improper use of your legs (like bending when you toss.)

In this clip my student struggles with what I call serving pizza like a waiter. She is working hard on trying to have a full extension. Once she gets comfortable with her elbow up and going up to the ball we will bring whole the motion together.

And remember… you don’t have to be a pro to train like a pro!

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