Lob Your Opponent And Work Your Way Into The Net

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Coaches and Tennis Enthusiasts: The number complaint I get when my ladies league players lose is “All they did is lob and we had to stay back.” As much as I teach my players to take control of the net and be aggressive, they have to equally know what to do when the game shifts and their opponents start to lob.

Players that like fast pace and hard hitting balls should expect a smart opponent to slow it down and try to suck the air out of their game by lobbing. Several of my players lost matches that they were in total control of until the lob took over! This is similar to juniors who are losing and revert to pushing.

Here’s what to do!

Strategy: When you lob your opponent start working your way to net.

Tactic: When your opponent’s start to lob make sure you work your way to the net and don’t let the ball bounce. The better the lob, the closer to the net. Don’t get into a lobbing contest. It equalizes the match and takes all the aggression off the court.

And remember… you don’t have to be a pro to train like a pro!

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