A Key To Winning Doubles Tennis Is To Empower Your Partner


Hey everyone!

How many times have you played doubles with someone (or maybe you are that someone) who says, “OK…I’m on this side, so I’ll cover everything over here, and you cover everything on your side.”

In reality, that’s just 2 players playing singles on their half of the court, hitting more defensive, weaker shots and making more errors than they would if they worked together as a team.

So, today, I want to talk about how to empower your partner by changing your mindset. Go into your matches with the mentality of always wanting to take that next ball. I’m not saying to always take them, just want to do it. Don’t be afraid to do it. For example, when you see your partner hit low ball up the middle, you know your opponent will have to get under it to return it, so you can be confident that the ball will come back higher. Don’t watch that floater go by and allow your opponents to stay in the point. WANT IT and then go get it! Cross the center service line and use your volley to put it away. It’s that aggressive drive that will win you more points!

With practice, you can change your mindset. In this video, I’ve got a great drill that makes my players cross the center service line in front of their partners so that they can take that best shot possible. I also show my players using that tactic in an actual game point.

Remember, there is no “I” in team. Work together on the court, and you’ll win more matches!

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