How To Hit The Swinging Volley In Tennis


Tennis Enthusiasts and Coaches,

If you want a quick way to take control of a point, one of the best weapons to add to your arsenal is THE SWINGING VOLLEY.

I love the swinging volley for many reasons. It turns a defensive shot into an attacking shot and is a great way to diffuse a lobbing fest by taking full stroke swings in the air.

A great tactic for singles or doubles is to hit high balls to your opponent and move a few steps in swing away. Within the same theory, as soon as you know your opponent is in trouble, move a few steps in to look for an opportunity to hit the swinging volley. Your opponent won’t have time to recover.

Many coaches consider the swinging volley difficult and best reserved for advanced players, but with focused practice like in this clip, you can learn when to best hit the shot and how to execute it correctly.

If you can fundamentally hit a forehand and backhand, you can hit a swinging volley! The best time to hit a swinging volley is when the ball is to low for an overhead, and to high for a volley.

TeamForman Tennis: The Swinging Volley

1) Use your preferred grip
2) Body position as though it’s a ground stroke
3) Contact point higher than normal (chest high)
4) Swing speed faster than normal 9Whip)
5) Finish with a full follow through

Remember – you don’t have to be a pro to train like a pro!

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