How To Build A Point In Doubles Tennis


Whether you’re playing doubles or singles, the development of a point is crucial to keeping unforced errors down and presenting the best shot possible for the winning shot. Building a point means knowing when and where to hit the ball with a high percentage chance of not making an error.

The development of a point should be instinctive. A “feeling” of knowing where to hit according to your court position and always being one shot ahead. For example: If you hit an angle, you open the middle for the next shot.

In TeamForman Tennis 4 Step Progression To Better Doubles
#1 is Shot Selection According to Court Position

Build The Point

1) Baseline : Hit Cross Court (zone 1)
2) Service Line: Hit The Middle (zone 2)
3) Close to The Net : Put Away (red zone)

Remember – you don’t have to be a pro to train like a pro!

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