How To Attack The Approach Shot And Take The Point In Singles Tennis


Coaches and Tennis Enthusiasts,

If you’re teaching your students an all-around game, to be aggressive, come into net and have a take control mentality, then you must emphasize the importance of the approach shot.

At all levels the transition of ground strokes to net play solely relies on the approach shot. If you get that short weakish ball and you now have the opportunity to take control of the court, you MUST go into 2nd gear and hit an aggressive approach. In most cases you’ll win the point off that shot. At the very least you’ll produce an easy volley.

In this clip 12 year old Jose hits the first approach down the middle with no pace. His next shot is a forced error off his backhand volley. The very next point he hits an aggressive approach and produces an easy forehand volley for the point.

TeamForman Tennis Tactic: Your Volley is only as good as Your Approach.

When transitioning into the net, approach shots have to go to the open court or to your opponents weakness. (Aggressively).

This applies to all levels!

Remember – you don’t have to be a pro to train like a pro!

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