Hit The Angled Ball Up The Middle And Win More Points In Doubles Tennis


Tennis Coaches and Enthusiasts, “The One Two Punch” comes in many different forms. Today’s 20 second tip to winning doubles is the One Two Punch Angle to the Middle.

In my book the One Two Punch simply means opening up the court with one shot (THE ONE) and finishing off the point with the 2nd shot (THE TWO).

If you can create simple tactics that open up the court like this your instincts will eventually take over and better shot selection will occur.

Tactic: One Two Punch /Angle To The Middle

If you hit an angle in any form (The One) take the next shot to the middle (The Punch). Even if your opponent’s move correctly to try to cover the court the highest percentage shot is in the middle.

Remember – you don’t have to be a pro to train like a pro!

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