Footwork Drills For More Power And Control In Tennis


High Performance Training for all levels!

Developing powerful shots on the run takes, speed, strength and weight transfer.

Coach Nico, Riviera Tennis Center’s High Performance director, demonstrates a series of progressive drills that will help any player develop an offensive shot on the run.

*If you are on the run for a wide shot it’s advantageous to hit an open stance stroke. You just don’t have time to turn, step and hit.*

Key factors:

1) Early Prep
2) Load from the legs
3) Weight transfer forward

Progressive Drills:

1) Open Stance Ladder shadows
2) Open Stance Knee and load exaggeration shadows
3) Drop Feeds on the run

Coach Nico brings High Performance Training to the masses keeping Team Forman ‘s mission in tact.

Remember – you don’t have to be a pro to train like a pro!

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