Focus On The Return, Not The Player


Coaches and Tennis Enthusiasts:

Do you hate when you play against a “slow server”? I don’t mean a slow paced serve; I’m talking about someone who takes so much time in a pre-serve routine that it totally throws your rhythm off. It’s actually a tactic some people use if they know you like a quick pace game.

I know it’s agonizing to wait on a return of serve while your opponent bounces the ball 20 times and then starts all over again after the first serve miss! UGGGGGG! You need tools to combat this or you’ll drive yourself crazy and become impatient.

Tactic: Your opponent has a very slow pre-serve routine or funky looking routine. It disrupts your rhythm and makes you impatient.

Strategy: Stay focused on the task at hand keeps you mindful to that individual point, thus the theory of “One point at a time”. Visualize your return of serve and where you want to hit it by doing the following:

1) Turn your back to your opponent and take a deep breath before you return
2) Keep your feet in motion
3) Play with your strings
4) Don’t focus on the routine

You getting upset only makes it worse you!

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