Drill to Strengthen Your Legs for More Power in Tennis


Legs Legs Legs!

Coaches and Tennis enthusiasts,

How much do you emphasis legs and glutes in your lessons and clinics?
I’ve always believed , and still do, that tennis players need to derive their power and control from the waist down.

Glutes, Thighs and Calves need to be strong, flexible and Indestructible.
In this clip, Alejandra who is new to league play, (believe it or not she is just a 2.5 rated player) and has only played in 2 official matches.

As a singles player, she now knows how important it is to condition her legs to not only help with her strokes, but also help with speed and agility. She is drinking the TeamForman Kool-Aid and is training like a pro!

Sitting in the chair drill: (Make it progressive)

1) Muscle memory
2) Drop feed
3) Toss feed with forward movement

As you can see in the clip , Alejandra looks like she is sitting in a chair before she makes contact. She then drives upward as she hits and draws from her strong glutes and thighs.

This is a great drill for on the rise players of all levels and players who tend to use just arms.

If you train with high performance drills, your pathway to higher levels of play will be much faster.

Remember – you don’t have to be a pro to train like a pro!

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