Doubles Tennis Tactics For Winning Return Of Serve


Tennis Fans and Coaches;

If you hit your return of serve and charge the net, or teach your students to approach the net after the return, this one minute clip shows the importance of THE HIT AND HUSTLE”.

So many players get a sense of comfort by CREEPING forward rather than moving with a purpose. Creeping simply means waiting for your opponent to hit. This mentality makes you hit a much harder shot and it keeps you one shot behind your opponents.

Returning and CHARGING forward allows you to take the ball higher allowing for a much easier shot. It puts one shot ahead of your opponents.

TeamForman Tennis Tactics:

Hit your return of serve and charge the net with the purpose of taking the easiest and most aggressive shot possible. The quicker you get in, the easier the shot! “Don’t Be a Creeper”

Remember – you don’t have to be a pro to train like a pro!

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