Don’t Mentally Give Up On The Point Before It’s Over

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Coaches and Tennis Enthusiasts:

You may be giving up in the middle of the point and not even know it. So many recreational players just don’t give that little extra push to get to the ball or just collapse after a weak hit in the middle of the point. It doesn’t mean you’re not trying, it means you don’t believe in yourself. Mentally you have to commit to running for EVERY shot, putting your racquet up, going for every ball and communicating with your partner as though you are the same person!

Two main areas to work on:

1) When you hit a weak ball don’t give up! Communicate with your partner and stay in the point.

2) When your opponent hits the net cord DON’T STOP!


If you practice like you play you will develop confidence to go after every shot in a match. This will show your opponents how tough you are!

And remember… you don’t have to be a pro to train like a pro!

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