Don’t Get Caught In No Man’s Land After Your Serve!


Coaches and Tennis Enthusiasts,

As a coach that wants her players to learn to be aggressive and control the court, certain situations may pop up that deter the process. A very common mistake that recreational players make on the serving size is being out of position after a serve. This 2 step minor problem sucks the life out of the serving side BUT can be easily corrected.

TeamFormanTennis : There’s always a solution to a problem

PROBLEM: After you serve you find yourself 3 steps into no man’s land making your next shot very vulnerable. If your opponent hits just an average return, you being out of position makes that return a more offensive return.

Make sure you stay on the balls of your feet keeping your weight up in case of a short ball.

This little no brainer tactic can change the flow and control of a point. Take 2 steps backwards to go 10 steps forwards!

Remember – you don’t have to be a pro to train like a pro!

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