Defend The Lob In Doubles With Proper Court Positioning


Hey everyone! I want to talk to you about the lob, more specifically, about how you should defend it.

If you’re the player at net and you get lobbed, don’t just “switch” with a lateral move into the other service box. Your partner is having to really hustle to get to the other side of the court, so their return is probably going to be weak and easy for your opponents to attack. Being that close to the net will make you an easy target for a shot at your feet or body.

Yes, you should absolutely switch, but don’t just go the other service box and stay there. Go all the way back to the baseline with your partner so you’re like a “wall”, and defend the lob together, as a team.

This court positioning is a game changer, allowing you to stay in the point until you make that offensive shot that will force them back and allow you to close in to net together.

And remember… you don’t have to be a pro to train like a pro!

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