Create An Accordion And Charge The Red Zone

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The Red Zone is the area close to the net generally where you stand when your partner hits. I call it the Red Zone because that’s where I want you to “score the touchdown” It’s important to know when you can charge the Red Zone. Our instincts have us backing up when we hit a short ball, I want players moving forward, creating an accordion on the court. (When your opponent’s move in, you move in). This is counter-intuitive but when it becomes muscle memory you will quickly see the benefits.

And to the coaches out there…so many of you teach your rec players to hit deep and get close to the net. I teach the opposite. So many women, in particular, put themselves out of play and become susceptible the lob when they stand on top of the net. Don’t get me wrong I want my players in close to put the ball away BUT at the right time. I teach “Low you go”. You can get to the Red Zone by keeping the ball low and short, inside the service line. Then charge in for the touchdown. Remember the old chip and charge tactic? This is my variation of it. Don’t stick your players glued to the net. Teach them how to move!

And remember… you don’t have to be a pro to train like a pro!

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